FACS Workshops

FACS Intensive 5-day workshops

Dr. Rosenberg teaching classErika Rosenberg, Ph.D. is a world renowned expert in the study of facial expressions of emotion and has worked with FACS since 1988. She trained extensively with Paul Ekman (senior author of the FACS system), has published articles and books using FACS, originated the 5-Day FACS workshop, has trained hundreds of people worldwide in the use of FACS, and has played a key role in the development and revisions of FACS training materials. Additionally, Dr. Rosenberg consults with scientists, artists, and the media on the use of FACS in a variety of contexts including innovative applications in computer science. Dr. Rosenberg was Scientific Consultant on the Fox TV show Lie to me.



  • Milan, Italy
  • I&G management is hosting this workshop and handling all registrations. Limited spaces are available.

Dr. Rosenberg offers a 5-day intensive training workshop in the Facial Action Coding System (FACS), the comprehensive, anatomically-based facial measurement system developed by Ekman & Friesen. FACS has been used in a wide range of applied and basic research contexts, from research on emotion, communication, and psychopathology to health psychology and forensics. You may hear of other FACS workshops, but Erika Rosenberg’s FACS workshop is the only FACS workshop endorsed by Paul Ekman.


Workshop group making facesThis workshop takes participants through the entire FACS manual and prepares them to take the final test for certification as a FACS coder. Traditionally, people have learned FACS via a minimum of 100 hours of self-instruction. The workshop offers a dynamic group setting for learning FACS in about a week, with the benefit of guidance and feedback from an expert. Previous participants report that this setting greatly enabled their ability to learn this rigorous measurement system. Please read this LINK to determine whether FACS training is right for you before pursuing the workshop.