Erika Rosenberg started manipulating her facial expressions regularly at the age of two, though she did not pursue specialized skills in facial measurement for another 20 years or so.

Erika Rosenberg, scientific consultant Following a brief, misguided sojourn into journalism, Erika succumbed to her natural attraction toward psychology by her second semester in college. She did not want to be a therapist (she was busy enough as a favorite counselor for family and friends!), but instead wanted to understand how behavior worked and, more importantly, how states of mind and body interacted. So Erika made a commitment to studying the relationship between behavior and physiology, first in Neuroscience and then finally in Health Psychology. Her own experiences of getting sick during times of high stress (we will spare you the details) led to her to pursue a Ph.D. in Health Psychology at the University of California, San Francisco. There she met Paul Ekman, who drew her into the vortex of high-end affective science and detailed study of facial expression. Erika’s dissertation work on anger and heart disease brought the equation full circle – right back to the question of emotions and physical health.

To cope with stress of graduate school, Erika took up meditation. This led to a lifelong path of studying, practicing and teaching meditation, which later intersected with her research. Erika Rosenberg now occupies a unique niche at the interface of science and meditation, as a world-renowned expert in facial expressions of emotion, a scientist who studies emotions and meditation, and a meditation teacher who regularly includes science in her teachings.

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Senior investigator on the Shamatha Project, a multi-disciplinary study of how intensive meditation affects cognition, emotion, and neurophysiology. Center for Mind and Brain, UC Davis.

Principal, Erika Rosenberg Consulting, LLC: Dr. Rosenberg consults with a variety of academic and non-academic clients on facial measurement using FACS, teaches FACS workshops worldwide.

Author, Erika Rosenberg is co-author (with Gregory Feist) of the widely successful Introductory Psychology textbook, Psychology: Perspectives and Connections, now in its second edition with McGraw-Hill and Co-editor of, What the face reveals with Paul Ekman (now in 2nd ed). Her work is also published in a wide range of psychological journals and books, and she speaks at international conferences on the topics of emotions and facial expressions and meditation.

Senior teacher, Stanford University’s Center for Compassion and Altruism Research and Education (CCARE)

Scientific Consultant on the TV drama Lie to Me, on Fox.

Faculty, Nyingma Institute of Tibetan Studies, Berkeley.

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